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Alloy Sputtering Target

Alloy Sputtering Target

Ti+Al, Al+Sc, Ag, Indium+Tin, Ni+Cr | Alloy Sputtering Target Supplier

Alloy sputtering targets play a crucial role in thin film deposition processes, enabling the fabrication of coatings with specific properties tailored to the requirements of diverse applications in industries such as electronics, optics, and coatings. Acetron, as a target supplier, also offers particular customize targets to the clients. We offer customized target products made of high-purity raw material powder with super fine grain size. These products have the recognized consistent microstructure to achieve a longer life for targets and desired characteristics of the sputtering deposited thin film.

Ti+Al (Titanium Aluminum) Alloy Sputtering Target:

Material Composition: Titanium (Ti) and Aluminum (Al) alloy

Description: Ti+Al alloy sputtering targets are used for the deposition of thin films with specific properties such as corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and mechanical strength. These alloys find applications in aerospace, automotive, and biomedical industries.

Al+Sc (Aluminum Scandium) Alloy Sputtering Target:

Material Composition: Aluminum (Al) and Scandium (Sc) alloy

Description: Al+Sc alloy sputtering targets are utilized for the deposition of thin films with enhanced mechanical properties, such as high strength, lightweight, and improved corrosion resistance. These alloys are commonly used in aerospace, sporting goods, and automotive components.

Ag (Silver) Alloy Sputtering Target:

Material Composition: Silver (Ag) alloy

Description: Ag sputtering targets are employed for the deposition of silver thin films in various applications, including optical coatings, electrical contacts, and decorative finishes. Silver films exhibit excellent electrical conductivity and optical reflectivity, making them suitable for electronic and optical devices.

Indium+Tin (In+Sn) Alloy Sputtering Target:

Material Composition: Indium (In) and Tin (Sn) alloy

Description: In+Sn alloy sputtering targets are used for the deposition of indium-tin oxide (ITO) thin films, which are transparent conductive coatings widely used in applications such as touchscreens, flat-panel displays, and solar cells. These coatings exhibit both electrical conductivity and optical transparency.

Ni+Cr (Nickel Chromium) Alloy Sputtering Target:

Material Composition: Nickel (Ni) and Chromium (Cr) alloy

Description: Ni+Cr alloy sputtering targets are utilized for the deposition of thin films with properties such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance. These alloys find applications in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and electronics.

For your custom R&D, production materials need or if you do not find the sputtering target as per your need from the list. Contact us. 

How are alloy sputtering targets made?

Alloy sputtering targets are manufactured using various processes, depending on the desired material properties and composition:

  • Powder Metallurgy: Fine metal powders of the constituent elements are blended, compacted, and then sintered (heated below melting point) to form a solid target. This method is suitable for creating complex alloys and ensuring uniform composition.

  • Vacuum Melting and Casting: The metals are melted together in a vacuum or controlled atmosphere and then cast into molds. This method produces dense, homogeneous targets ideal for high-purity applications.

  • Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP): Combined with powder metallurgy or casting, HIP applies high pressure and temperature to eliminate porosity and enhance material properties, resulting in highly dense and uniform targets.

  • Electron Beam Melting: The metals are melted using an electron beam under a vacuum, producing high-purity and homogeneous alloys. This method is often used for high-performance targets.

  • Cold Rolling: For ductile alloys, the metals can be rolled into thin sheets and then bonded together to form a target.

What are the advantages of using alloy sputtering targets?

Alloy sputtering targets offer several key benefits:

  • Tailored Properties: They can be engineered to provide specific electrical, optical, and mechanical properties in the deposited thin films.

  • Enhanced Performance: Alloy films can offer better performance characteristics than single-element films, such as improved hardness, conductivity, or corrosion resistance.

  • Uniform Composition: Properly manufactured alloy targets ensure a consistent composition across the thin film, critical for applications like semiconductor devices.

  • Flexibility: They allow for the creation of films with properties that are difficult to achieve with pure metals.

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