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  • Low Refractive Index Material
  • Low Refractive Index Material
  • Low Refractive Index Material

Low Refractive Index Material

ACETRON offers a wide selection of evaporation materials for all PVD processes. Our product range comprises dozens of evaporation materials including special mixtures, fluorides, oxides, sulfides and metals. They are available in various forms including granules, tablets and purities in quantities ranging from several grams to hundreds of kilograms. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to custom prepare nearly and material to your exact specification.

All evaporation materials are designed and manufactured to improve the quality and performance of your evaporation processes. Reproducibility of every single batch ensures that desired product characteristics can be repeatedly achieved in our customer’s evaporation processes.

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  • ACETRON Low Refractive Index Material

    This is a type of coating-type low-refractive-index material that effectively reduces optical refractive index. This material can form high-transmittance, high-reliability low-refractive-index thin films. It enhances the light reception efficiency of optical sensors, reduces ghosting and glare caused by lens surface reflections, and addresses optical issues in various displays such as CIS, CCD, OLED, micro LED, LCD, etc.

  • Features

    Low-refractive-index thin film material with controllable refractive index

    High transparency coating material

    Thermosetting material

    Suitable for applications requiring optical design (such as light reflection suppression, light extraction, etc.)

  • Detailed parameters

MaterialCAS # DensityPurityMelting PointType of EvaporationEvaporation Source(Typical)Specific Evaporation ConditionsFilm Transparency Range Typically UsedFilm Refractive Index @ 550nmTransparent RangeRemarks
Origin of Value Uncertain
●=very good, ○= possible
MeltingSublimationE-GunE-GunPremeltingLow Residual PressureReactive GasSubstrate Temperature RangeIron or PlasmaLowHigh
Crucible / Liner materialBoat materialAssistanceμmμm
Cu CrucibleW CrucibleMo CrucibleTa CrucibleC CrucibleAl2O3BN CrucibleW BoatMo BoatTa Boat<100℃100-200℃200-300℃

AlF37784-18-13.10 g/cm³4N1040 ℃

1.36 150-9000nmL-Index material for DUV applicatons
Al2O3+SiO27631-86-92.18 g/cm³4N1500 ℃

0.1991.47 300-7000nmN/A
BaF27787-32-84.83 g/cm³3N1360 ℃

1.31 250-15000nmL-Index material for Anti-Reflective & High Reflective coating
CaF27789-75-53.18 g/cm³3N1360 ℃

0.15121.46 N/AL-Index Material for IR applicatons
LiF7789-24-42.64 g/cm³4N848 ℃

0.1~81.37 100-7000nmL-Index material for Anti-Reflective coating
MgF27783-40-63.17 g/cm³4N2239 ℃

0.1581.38 130-8000nmL-Index Material with lowest refractive index in VIS spectral range
Na3AlF613775-53-62.90 g/cm³3N1000 ℃

1.35 200-14000nmL-Index material for High Reflective coating
SiO27631-86-92.20 g/cm³3N51600 ℃possiblepossible

<0.291.46±0.03200-9000nmL-Index Material for DUV-NIR applicatons
SiO27631-86-92.20 g/cm³3N51600 ℃possiblepossible

<0.291.46±0.03200-9000nmL-Index Material for DUV-NIR applicatons
(Fused Quart Ring)

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