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  • Vanadium Nitrogen Alloy
  • Vanadium Nitrogen Alloy
  • Vanadium Nitrogen Alloy

Vanadium Nitrogen Alloy

Vanadium nitrogen alloy, as a new type of additive alloy which is instead of ferro-vanadium in steelmaking industry, can significantly improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of steel, such as  structural steel, tool steel, pipe steel, reinforcing steel and cast iron.


Vanadium-nitrogen alloys used in high-strength low-alloy steels can effectively perform:

1. Vanadium and nitrogen micro-alloying at the same time.

2. Promote the precipitation of carbon, vanadium, and nitrogen compounds in the steel.

3. Play a more effective role in precipitation strengthening and grain refinement.

4. More effective strengthening and grain refining effect than ferro-vanadium.

5. Need less added amount of Vanadium during the production and reducing the production cost. 

Under the same strength conditions, vanadium nitrogen alloy can save 20-40% of vanadium-adding compared with ferro-vanadium. Nowadays at least 80% of Chinese steelmaking plants are using vanadium nitrogen alloy instead of ferro-vanadium and that is one of the main reasons to lower the cost..


Acetron has the capacity to supply 10,000 Tons of vanadium nitrogen alloy per year.

Our stable quality, competitive price and on-time delivery will help you to lower the production cost and enhance your product competitiveness.

Vanadium Nitrogen Alloy

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Chemical Compostion

Vanadium-Nitrogen Alloy10mm - 50mm
Chemical Compostion - wt%
AlloyApparent DensityVNCPS
VN12>3.0 g/cm377% - 81%10% - 14%≤10%≤0.06%≤0.1%
VN16>3.0 g/cm377% - 81%14% - 18%≤6%
VN19>2.6 g/cm376% - 81%18% - 20%≤4%

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