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Leading-Edge PVD Coating Materials of ACETRON


Fujian Acetron New Materials Co., Ltd, founded in 2002, is a comprehensive company integrated with R& D, manufacturing and selling of PVD coating materials, mainly engages in sputtering target, evaporation material and evaporation accessories for high precision optical lenses& Optical communication, semiconductors, LOW-E glass& Automotive glass, LCD display & touch panel and surface decoration.

We rooted in industry, driven by scientific and technological innovation, we have  continuously innovated and made progress in the core technologies such as metal high-vacuum smelting, high-temperature atmosphere sintering, vacuum plasma spraying, target micro-texture control, special bonding technology, and green cycle manufacturing of high-purity materials. Introduce SEM, GDMS, XRF, vacuum thermal pressure equipment, vacuum smelting equipment and other advanced equipment domestic and abroad, have independently developed and built a large sputtering target automatic bonding production line.

Fujian Acetron New Materials Co., Ltd. Fujian Acetron New Materials Co., Ltd.

Our products are certified by both our in-house laboratory and International authorities.Certificated by ISO9001-2015, IATF16949:2016 Quality Management, ISO14001-2015 Environment Management, ISO45001-2018 Health and Safety Management System and OEC Management System.

We are qualified to provide professional services and products to worldwide clients. ACETRON′s products are distributed all over the world and are primarily exported to the developed countries such as Japan,Korea, US, Germany. We have also built long-term strategic partnership on production processes, production techniques and techniques and quality control with the world-renowned electronic technology enterprises.

Core Competencies

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    Brand advantage Brand advantage

    Brand advantage

    Acetron has been focusing on the field of PVD coating for more than 20 years, served more than 700 customers around the world, and we are the strategic partners with dozens of well-known enterprises such as BOE, EPSON, CSOT, Innolux Display, Tianma, Huike, Fuyao, Xinyi, Lens, Crystal-Optch, Sunny Optics and so on. With mutual trust and the same goal we walk hand in hand, climb the peak together!

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    Strategic advantage Strategic advantage

    Strategic advantage

    Have a wealth of composite understanding and design capabilities of the whole industrial chain of equipment, technology, materials and industrial applications. We will continual focus on the field of PVD coating new material research, new process development, new application field expansion.

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    R&D and talent stock advantage R&D and talent stock advantage

    R&D and talent stock advantage

    We have established a research institute, 3 laboratories covering metal materials, electronic ceramic materials, new film analysis; have many provincial and ministerial high-end talents, built a research and development team covering materials / phys

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    Supply chain advantage Supply chain advantage

    Supply chain advantage

    We are one of the leading enterprises in the domestic PVD coating materials industry with complete equipment, advanced technology and diversified products. we can provide the development, production and service of a whole series of PVD coating materials such as high purity metal and alloy target materials, ceramic target materials and evaporation materials.

Our History

ACETRON is creating stars in the
field of new materials

  • Value

    Innovation, rigor, responsibility, collaboration

  • Mission

    Material depicting a beautiful world of science and technology.

  • Vision

    Become the Leading-edge PVD coating solution provider

  • Development Strategy

    The coating material as the main body, with the coating process development, equipment upgrading as the support.

Fujian Acetron New Materials Co., Ltd.


  • IATF16949




  • ISO14001




  • IATF16949-2016




  • ISO45001


    Indium Tin Oxide for REACH225

    Indium Tin Oxide for REACH225

106 patents were authorized

There are 45 invention patents and 54 utility models

Developed two local standards

General technical conditions for Ti3O5 coating material General technical conditions for thermal spraying of rotating silicon target materials(DB35/T 1874-2019)

Two national standards have been developed

Wide molybdenum sheet (file number: 20213148-T-610) Molybdenum and molybdenum alloy tube targets (file number: 20210819-T-610)

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