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  • Rotary Ceramic Sputtering Target
  • Planar Ceramic Sputtering Target

Rotary Ceramic Sputtering Target

Excellent properties such as high purity, high density,Good microstructure uniformity, excellent electrical properties.

High purity: The metal target requires very high purity, to ensure the stability and reliability of the material.We have various purity levels to suit your specific requirements, with the minimum purity of 99.5% up to 99.9999% for some metals. Also have controlled specific impurities within the target.

High density: Metal targets have high density characteristics, usually up to 95-99.5%,(ITO,NbOx can reach 99.5%) to ensure the stability and quality of materials.

High thermal conductivity: the thermal conductivity of the metal target is particularly high, which can be cooled quickly and improve the coating speed.

Microstructure uniformity: powder metallurgy process to ensure the overall uniformity of the target.
Excellent electrical properties: Reliable atmosphere sintering enables stable electrical conductivity of oxides with semiconductor characteristics.

For those looking to integrate rotary ceramic sputtering targets into their processes, it is essential to work with reputable suppliers who can provide high-quality products and reliable support. If you have any questions or need assistance in selecting the right sputtering target for your application, contact us for expert advice and comprehensive solutions.

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  • * Maximum sizes of planar target    

       Thickness: 30mm (can be 60mm for round target)    

       Width: max 2000mm    

       Length: max 4000mm    

    * Maximum sizes of rotary target    

       Vacuum/Air Spraying    

            Backing tubes: ID56 x OD64 x Length300~3000mm, Thickness: 3~5mm    

            Backing tubes: ID78~83 x OD89~92 x Length300~3000mm, Thickness: 3~7mm    

            Backing tubes: ID100 x OD108 x Length300~3000mm, Thickness: 3~8mm    

            Backing tubes: ID125 x OD133 x Length300~4000mm, Thickness: 3~13mm    


            Backing tubes: ID125 x OD133 x Length500~4000mm, Thickness: 8~13mm    

    * Planar/Rotary target can be customised as per your request.

Chemical FormulaPurityFormsSpecification
Nb₂Ox99.99%Planar / RotaryCustomized
TiOx99.99%Planar / RotaryCustomized
ITO Target (In₂O₃+SnO₂ )99.99%Planar / RotaryCustomized
AZO Target (ZnO+Al₂O₃ )99.99%Planar / RotaryCustomized
IGZO Target(In₂O₃+Ga₂O₃+ZnO)99.99%Planar / RotaryCustomized

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