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Evaporating Material

Evaporating Material

ACETRON - Excellence in thin film coating products.

ACETRON is the Chinese leading manufacturer of thin film materials and accessories with more than 20 years experience in this industry.

Our products cover a wide range of high quality evaporation materials and sputtering targets for all current PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) processes. ACETRON’s high quality standard for our entire product range ensures the every batch can be produced consistently and has the same performance in your evaporated processing.

Thin film technologies and applications are changing rapidly. Our market driven approach to develop and produce thin film materials leads to innovative solutions and sustainable value creation for our customers.

ACETRON plays a leading role in this expanding market and positioning ourselves as the unique materials supplier in this field and as the reliable partner to our customers.  Place your order now!


Quality Assurance

● Products' developing and all production flows are conducted according to ISO9001 and IATF16949 standards ensuring the highest and most consistent products’ quality and reliability.

● Each batch of product will be sent to our customers after passing our several and precious testings including ICP, GDMS, LECO, SEM, XRD, C-SCAN and so on.

● Before the delivery, we test our materials by our own evaporated machine which ensure each batch of our goods are qualified.

● Constant training of our employees, production flows inspections and detailed tests are making the quality management system as the integrated part of our company culture.

● All of our products is tested for RoHS by third-party company such as SGS and CTI. These certification together with COA (Certificate of Analysis) can prove the conformity of our products’ quality with international standards and regulations.

How is evaporating material used in thin-film deposition?

Evaporating material is used in several key steps during thin-film deposition:

  1. Material Selection: Choose the material based on the required film properties (e.g., optical, electrical, or mechanical characteristics).

  2. Loading into Evaporation Source: The material is placed in a crucible, boat, or on a filament in the evaporation source.

  3. Heating and Vaporization: The source is heated, often using thermal or electron beam methods, causing the material to vaporize.

  4. Deposition: The vapor travels through the vacuum chamber and condenses onto the cooler substrate, forming a thin film.

  5. Thickness Control: The deposition rate and film thickness are controlled by adjusting the evaporation conditions and monitoring the process.

Evaporating Material

Evaporating Material

Evaporating Material

  • Metal Material

    ACETRON offers a wide selection of evaporation materials for all PVD processes. Our product range comprises dozens of evaporation materials including special mixtures, fluorides, oxides, sulfides and metals. They are available in various forms including granules, tablets and purities in quantities ranging from several grams to hundreds of kilograms. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to custom prepare nearly and material to your exact specification.

    All evaporation materials are designed and manufactured to improve the quality and performance of your evaporation processes. Reproducibility of every single batch ensures that desired product characteristics can be repeatedly achieved in our customer’s evaporation processes.

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  • IATF16949


  • ISO9001


  • ISO14001


  • IATF16949-2016


  • IATF16949-2016


  • ISO45001-2018


  • ISO45001


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    Indium Tin Oxide for REACH225